angel of antoxi  

haiku : insights into life
by egle sabalyte


I have been so torn
All my sorrows, pain and tears
Sea washes away


Forget all the pain
All stuff that happened before
May never come back


And rising new sun
Makes you stronger than cold steel
New dreams coming true


I walk in the wind
Free birds crossing the blue sky
To new horizon


And who could believe
To find friend so far away
Makes world a nice place

dear teacher

Spending all your night
Teaching to put the words right
Thank you for your ways

feeling down

Another mistake
No strength to get up and walk
Trust only yourself

the depth

Eyes deeper than night
Get me all trembling inside
Let me drown in them

false promises

You’ve won millions!!!
Spam emails keep me alive…
You haven’t written…

cycle of love

sad blue eyes and skies
rain… tears… drop by drop… don’t stop…
the heart cries for love

lost in life

My life is lost in
Hash, pills, cigs and alcohol..
Promise to find me…

alone in the night

I am scared to be
alone.. in the night.. cold bed…
past keeps coming back

looking for true love

Strangers, smiles and drinks
I'm fed up of hide and seek
Longing for true love

love always

I love you Always!!!!
I just want to scream out laud!
my passion you fear...

foreign land

Sun of foreign sky
shines blankly. White light around.
I'm freezing in heat.

freedom at cost

white papers around
books, rules, red pens, yellow notes...
Mind freedom is trapped

hauntings of the past

I want to ask you
why are you back from my past??
don’t ruin the moment…

the road of life

Many downs, few ups…
Road of life has many holes.
Why we keep going?..





























































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