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We are a firm believer in that a persons business should be their own and no one elses. To that effect WorldOfAZ primary sites use neither cookies or anything else that will collect any personal information about you or your browsing habits. Unless this is absolutely necessary - in which case we will notify you via the sites local privacy statement

However just like every single web site out there the hosting account has a web log and analyser which does record the IP Addresses and other (non-private) details of visitors who come to the site. This information is only used in analysing web traffic and determining popular pages. In future these statistics maybe used to make third-parties (such as advertisers) aware of what pages are visited most frequently and total number of visitors at a given time. Although rest assured tha in such circumstances we will do our complete and utter best to protect your identity and where possible will not reveal anything that may contain visitors IP addresses.

[An extended privacy statement covering more apects of the antoxi will be available shortly]



















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