angel of antoxi  

poems and lyrics


haiku via london [.azizul]
a collection of haiku as inspired by london living

haiku : insights into life [egle sabalyte]
from a travelling lithuanian

haiku to vilnius [egle sabalyte]
for love of the city

sorrows of the heart [egle sabalyte]
from a broken heart

haiku from lithuania [aiste]
some of the finest haiku straight from out of eastern europe

gothic lolita [saara]
dying to belong? you definitely need to read
these poems from the dark princess herself

the sadness of the rose [mindy]
sometimes the bad times in life help to
shape and make us into who we are today

pretending to be maria [maria feda]
we all need to escape who we are sometimes,
just being anonymous - a mr or mrs smith


individual pieces

there is always tomorow [.azizul]
we are what were are [.azizul]
undying love [.azizul]

dire precedent [aksel.k]
do what though wilt [aksel.k]

us two [Stine]
the child [Stine]


coming soon

home is where the heart is [azizul ".az" hoque]
sometimes [azizul ".az" hoque]


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