"where there is darkness there will always be a hint of light"

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the butterfly effect [azizul hoque ".az"]

it's been a hard life [akmal khan "aksel.k"]

haiku from lithuania [aiste bikute "salalume"]

the hand of creation [sarit ludin "saara"]

pink and yellow [mindy sue mikevich]

haiku : insights into life [egle sabalyte]

lady ausra [ausra gaskaite]

working with nature [jurgita]

change [maria feda]

character [pristine]


welcome to antoxi :o)

this is the site that was built with a little help from some friends. this is the site for professionals and amateurs alike. this is the site that looks the same but is a bit different and wierd. but that's ok - we're all different and unique in our own way.

whats new

the whole site has been redesigned with a fresh new look - deeper and redder than ever before

want to see your work here?

we are always looking for new material to showcase and if you feel that you have something to contribute please contact us and we would be happy to review and post on these pages. full credit will be given to you and you will always retain copyright for all your original work - for more details see terms and conditions.





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