angel of antoxi  

haiku from lithuania
by aiste bikute (salalume)

humiliated forest

That naked forest
Stands firm in the desert of

walking shadows

With bright city lights I feel

in a breeze

I send you a kiss
Across the Baltic Sea in
Form of a warm breeze

dead flower

Oh flower, don't dare
You die 'cause of one rainy
Day! Your Sun will come!


A little raindrop
The beauty of reflection
Sacrificed to Earth

on the swings

I offered my freedom
To those empty swings swinging
Full with life power

sunken ship

One whisper can make
The ship, resting in the depth
'f oceans, set its sales...

thirsty for love

Tavo atvaizda,
Vandeny delnais semiau,
Troškuli malšiau.

Your reflection
In the water with hands I scooped
And quenched my thirst

insect in amber

Your love is cruel!
I can't be your insect in
Amber suspended.

red leaf

Frost touched a leaf. It
Blushed reminding me my first
Early autumn kiss.

my father / strangers

I'm walking near my
Father - I am day, he is
Night. We are strangers.

snow angel

My heart was frozen
So I made a snow angel
We warmed each other.

dancing in the rain

To feel young, alive
Into the heavy rain I
Run - and dance ... naked!

falling star

I did not like the
Image in the mirror - I
saw a falling star.

paralysed / window

I can't breathe! or move!
I feel dead when I am on
This side of window...

on the road home / road sign

The landscape changed?!
Thanks to road signs - I found my
Way back home tonight.

rose in snow

Roses ... in cold snow;
Butterflies refuse to slow -
Today I'm in love!


A leaf on hedgehog's
Back was all he had in life
And he felt wealthy.

birds in the sun

Afraid to fall and
Yet afraid to stay, the birds
Embrace a Sun ray.


Footprints in the sand;
The water escaped my palm-
The wind still blew calm.


A wink of an eye
A sparkle of a diamond
And the blossom fell.


A swan like lily
Into loneliness it floats
Chased off by stones.


Reflected the sky
With bright stars and full moon's light
A tear in the eye...


Burning with envy
And running with equal force
The wind hunts a horse.


In the dead of night
Lightning suffused sky with light
Shouting 'YOU'LL ALL DIE'...


Stripped off from stem
The log gave its last lament
To the cold fire.


Do not count raindrops
As drop by drop they remind
Never stopping clock.

Flower and a bee

Heavy with honey
And setting aroma free
Flower bows a bee.


Playing with sunlight
Dewdrops on a spider web
Fill the world with life.


Besotted with height
Raindrop rushed to the ground
And splashed with sound.


Leaving earth for sky
Waved its hand at people
Puff of sowthistle

































































































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