angel of antoxi  

pink and yellow
by mindy sue mickevich

feel black and red inside

and even gray in the middle

all this color inside combined
Wonder where pink and yellow is
I wonder why they left me
I miss their passionite kiss
Beyond me is a light
wondering why i can't reach it
How much more do i have fight
How much more do i have to lose
Even though yellow pink are in sight
I can't reach them, they ran away

they ran away, and i miss their love
I miss the peace from Above
I miss you yellow and Pink

Green is the master of this place
This world roled by the color Green
ANd any other is a disgrace.
I miss the love of you
My yellow and Pink
For your love is true
I miss Purple for something honest
for something true

They ran away, and I miss their love
I miss the peace from above
I miss you yellow and Pink

I miss your sweet embrace
I miss the touch of your lips
I miss your sweet face
I miss you my sweet love
I miss you my sweet yellow and Pink
I miss your sense of peace, your angel from above
I miss your taste of your sweet kiss
I miss the sweet touch of your warmth
Where are you my pink and yellow.

You have gone and left me here
With the feeling of red and Black
You left me here to fear
You left for something better and true
You told me you loved me..
You always be there
You are there for me to see
But won't let me go near
I watch you day and day embrace her
Has i struggle with this fear
You tell the world I am useless
has you reach over and hold me
You reach toward me and send me your kiss
Behind me, your lies spread
All the colors turn their back
Except black and Red

I have loved you
Also will even though you left
I know all of you wasn't true
You were just lie


































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